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Little holes, little holes, more little holes! Two different hole sizes for multiple uses!

Some examples of games:

For children from 10 months

- Insert the sticks provided into the small holes, be careful they only fit one size!

- You can use other elements like straws of all colors or flowers picked from the garden during the walk. You can even have fun putting cotton buds or any other object that fits through the diameter!

- Using a shoelace or a string you can learn how to tie your shoelaces.

- Use a spool of string to weave and create shapes through the different holes.

Profits :

- The child learns Hand-Eye coordination by placing the object in the correct hole.

- He works on his analytical skills by understanding that there are different sizes .

- Fine motor skills are strengthened depending on the object or game chosen.

- Imagination is stimulated by creating a shape with string or imagining a story to fill in all the holes.

- He learns to do everyday actions to become independent , as in learning the knot.

In the box :

- 1 game board

- 10 wooden sticks

- A card with game ideas

The Be Plop games are designed and designed to adapt to Trofast bins from IKEA.
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