Instruction and Maintenance

- Before using our games for the first time, we recommend cleaning them with a damp cloth. They have already passed one by one under our rags but some burn residue may remain (non-toxic)

- For daily cleaning: Spray a little disinfectant product on a cloth, rub and that's it! Do not soak in water to clean them.

- If a piece of the game breaks, congratulate the child on his strength, enter him in a strength competition because even our strongest adult testers couldn't do it, then throw away the piece in question.

- To store the game, you can reuse the box provided to protect the boards from scratches caused by proximity to other games.

- Be Plop games are not recommended for children under 10 months. The small parts included in the game may cause a choking hazard. Therefore, the child must be old enough to sit up unaided to play.

Where to find us ?

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